Hello..and Welcome :)


Its a new month!

Hello and welcome to my blog. Again -____-

As you will realize from my blog history, I haven’t been on here since I finished Service back in February. But it is all for good reason.

The last few months, in one word, have been quite unexpected. A lot of things changed so quickly that I was wracked with indecision concerning the future of this here blog…but now I have got it all sorted out. Plus I owe my presence here again to some special people who just wouldn’t let me be until I wrote about what awesome or funny thing was happening in my life.

Ah… I feel the writing energy coming back… *sighs gratefully.


All the king’s sperm

I am sitting here this lovely evening at the office, back to the approaching sunset which settles over an awe-inspiring landscape, hunched over the mac as I write this, and a feeling of gratefulness washes over my being as I consider all that has gone, and envision all that will be.


I got a job! 😀
Through the most providential means, (and the recommendation of a twitter friend I never met until the day of my job interview), I got handed a job in a very reputable organization

*eyes scanty CV with love*

Yup, so I am currently going through my first job experience from the top; a thing which only the sovereign God could have wrought. For those of you who don’t know, I am a self-taught Graphic Designer and 3d modeler.

Anyhow, before this intro post gets boring, I want to welcome you once again to my blog. In this corner, I shall continue to record my weird observations and detail my unusual experiences with the life around me.


Regarding my other ‘Divine Fiction’ blog, I would like to thank you guys who take time out to inspire me to write more for it. Yes.. I have been writing. Did I hear somebody say there have been no new posts on there in months? Well, that’s because I am still writing.

Yup..you heard me, Writing. A very long story.

Writing a story so long it will make Efe cry blood as he struggles to the very far end, a story so devastatingly horrible that you hearts will fight to escape your chests; or if you are an A-cup girl, your chest still -_-

But really, it has been difficult writing for the blog because of a lot of the changes I mentioned above, but I am working on something I hope will thrill you and make up for the apparent neglect…which brings me to the subject of the current crop of bloggers in this hallowed blogville.

But maybe I will talk on that another day. All you silly juvenile pipu who think having wordpress accounts and disturbing my TL with sub-standard drafts is what we are here for. I am coming for you (‘_’)

In my next post, I shall try to bring you up to speed regarding all the awesome water that has passed under the bridge, since I left Kaiama back to Lagos after the completion of my Youth Service. I shall prolly put it in a series, because I remember so many awesome stuff, and I know not where to start from 😀

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Ekwe Martin,

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4 thoughts on “Hello..and Welcome :)

  1. LOL you are writing that long story on your own. Welcome back. Your personal blog posts are the stuff of legend

  2. Mz_Shadee

    U r showing off ur mac abi. Just know if I visit u and u don’t find it after I’m gone….welcome back. And pls come and write a real post?

  3. Sally

    MacBook Pro!

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